The Cube Engine

The Cube Engine was a first-person shooter video game developed by Wouter van Oortmerssen, first released with in January 2002. It uses OpenGL and SDL for graphics. Cube features both single player and multiplayer game play. The game contains a very clever and unique built-in level editor that is easiest way to make game maps in the known universe! It is distributed in Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X formats.

The original cube has been ported to a variety of operating systems, including  AmigaOS 4, iPhone, Nintendo Wii and even Pocket PC devices with 3D acceleration. The best known mod is Assault Cube. The last update of the original Cube was released on August 29, 2005.

The follow up was the Cube 2 engine, featured in the game Sauerbraten (German for "sour roast", also known as Sauer). The first, developer-only, release was on February 27, 2004. It is also a cross-platform, Quake-like FPS. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X. Cube 2 features numerous improvements on the first cube engine.

The game features single-player and multiplayer gameplay and contains that unique in-game level editor. The game engine is free and open source, with commercial support available from the developer's own business counterpart, Dot3 Labs. Note the game media that comes with Sauerbraten is released under various non-free licenses.

The developers describe the aim of the project is not to produce the most features and highest-quality graphics possible, but rather to allow map-editing to be done in real-time within the game, while keeping the engine source code small and elegant.

The latest release of Sauerbraten, the "Justice Edition", debuted on July 19, 2010. As modding the Cube engine can be relatively easy, there have been a number of notable offshots:

  • Red Eclipse - slick follow on from Blood Frontier, the base for MekArcade 0.30
  • Sandbox - non violent, with emphasis on game creation
  • Cube Create - intensity reborn, still with 3 scripting languages!
  • AssaultCube - fast FPS made with the first Cube engine.

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