MekArcade is only possible VVVVVVVVVVVv
MekArcade Credits
CD Xbow - Project lead; mods, maps and models
Walter - Lead Animator
Tom Xbow - Maps, testing
Gabreilla - Maps and Models 
The Sugarman - Servers, maps and testing
Ephrim - Repository Management
Charlie (I am not a unicorn) : Music 

Red Eclipse


Quinton "Quin" Reeves Gameplay and AI Code/Design, Community Management, Maps
Lee "Eihrul" Salzman Cube 2 Backports, Support, Speed Improvements, Encouragement


"LuckystrikeRx" Maps, Textures, Models, Weapons, Design and Testing, Website
"SkiingPenguins" Skyboxes
Slawek "Q009" Blauciak Ambient Sounds
Joshua L. "Verbalshadow" Blocher Some Source Artwork, Design and Testing
Jeroen "appleflap" Boukens Textures, Design and Testing
Jeff "Architect" Cope Maps, Design and Testing
Kurt "Kurtis84" Kessler Textures, Design and Testing
Mike "mikeplus64" Ledger Maps, Models, Weapons, Textures, HUD, Design and Testing
Peter McInerney Master and Game Server Hosting
Kevin "Hirato" Meyer Development Assistance, Design and Testing
Stefan Norman Master and Game Server Hosting
Derek "Favorito" Ponicki Maps, Textures, Design and Testing
Jonathan "W!ck3d" Roels Maps, Textures, Design and Testing
Derek "JoJo" Stegall Maps, Models, Textures, HUD, Sound FX, Design and Testing