Quickstart  Guide

Main Menu

Introduction: learn about the mekArcade
: play solo pilot campaigns with your bot squad
Career Pilot:  pursue an online career as a mech pilot - demo only
Start a Mission: set up your own multulti pilot mission with people or bots
Browse Online Missions:
Host a Mission:

Galactic Conquest: wip at this time, has a server set up.

In Mission Options
  Team menu
: change teams if your that way inclined.
  Record Video
- record the carnage in uncompressed AVI for posterity.
leave the mission, if ya' chicken.
Control Panel
configuration and options
- Mission Help system
exit MekArcade


Standard Navigation keys:  W A S D  or  ARROW keys
Mouse to pan or select options from menu

Mouse Commands

Button 1: attack. Button 2: alt. attack/zoom.  Button 3: reload
Mouse scroll wheel:
  changes weapons

In Mission key commands

xxSPACE = Jump         LSHIFT  to crouch/sneak      ?Q - kick 
to pick up/action   C to drop.   R - reload    X - dropflag    
- zoom   K - kill yourself  xxI - taunt        TAB - showscore
ESCAPE  - main menu  ~ or / - open console
T saytextcommand, BACKQUOTE saycommand / SLASH saycommand /"

In Mission Function Keys

F2: mission menu F9: switch 1st/3rd person F5: setmaster 1  
F6: mech loadout  F10 - inputgrab   F11: toggle console   
(goes in the My Games\MekArcade folder, as sequentially numbered png files)

F1: toggle edit mode - edit mode only

Health and Regeneration

Your Mek chassis has 300 standard nanoarmor units. You don't need to pick up nanoarmour, it's just always there, and regenerates after being damaged.  (10 units every 1 sec)  You can see your status by observing the colour of your crosshair; the closer it is to red, the closer you are to meeting your maker

Weapons, Ammo, and Reloading

Mek mission has a loadout screen after the mission map loads. You can select from one weapons from each of the primary weapon systems, an energy weapon, a projectile weapon and a missile system.

There is a fourth slot available for salvage.