The Story of MekArcade.

MekArcade Technology Demonstrator started after one of those visionary experiences that can so alter your life. Turn the clock back to late 2009, my favorite Mech game, Mechassault has died and I am miserable. I am playing the late Blood Frontier on Wargrounds, I change some of the settings, turn on the Kamikaze effect, looks like a core breech in a mech! Turn off Jumping, and suddenly I feel like I am transported back to the Colliseum in MechAssault. Just needs a mech model, a few tweaks, couldn't be that hard could it.....

That was 18 months ago.

The major part of the story can be described in one word: PAIN 

Shortly after the vision I did a proof of concept using a quake mech. There are quite a few Japanese style mechs in md3 format so I read the model guide and configured it for Blood Frontier (alpha). It worked. It wasn't the sort of mech I wanted but as a proof of concept it was a success. Throw in a bit of config changes and I wasn't a million miles away from what I wanted.

Next we added

It wasn't too much later and the BF team split.