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C O M I N G . S O O N 

In MekArcade you get to pilot a giant war machine in the 34th century, and experience all the explosive, multi-pilot, online actions you can ever want. It is built with the Cube2 Engine, specifically its a mutant meka spawn from the Red Eclipse code base.

The 0.5 release is due middle of 2013 and will be fully functional, including single pilot and multi-pilot missions, that can be played locally, online or over a LAN. Intelligent bots can join in both multiplayer and single pilot missions.

There are a wide range of mission types and mutators for those missions. In addition the game has the amazing Cube engine map editor, that makes map making a breeze and even lets you edit maps cooperatively, online with your friends. That is amazing. We look forward to joining you in battle later in 2013.

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