• Basic Portal functions (register, log in, reclaim PWD) - 100% done and tested
  • Design - about 50% done
  • Setting up the taxonomy and modules  - about 40% done
  • Testing sports league module to add clans and clan matches to the site  - about 30%
  • Galactic Conquest - not done all, just thinking
  • Playing with the Career Pilot idea . eg

Welcome the preAlpha MekArcade site

Welcome to the Official  MekArcade support site. The big new is the 0.5 release is coming in the last quarter of 2013.
What is it?
MekArcade 0.5 is an exciting open source Mech shooter built from the Red Eclipse code base. MekArcade is designed to replicate the fast paced online meka action featured in the original MechAssault for the Xbox. We are also working on extending the game play in a number of ways.

Ant Wars

Red Dragons


House Euphrates v Federated Suns

Monday, June 26, 3471 - 14:00

Test match

Terra Australis

Federated Suns

House Euphrates

Lords of Chaos

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