Artificial Intelligence

Definition of AI
Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence of machines and the branch of information science which created it. Most of the major issues in AI such as reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, communication, perception, emotion and common sense have long been solved. Level 5 and 7 AI's have become indispensible to humanity through the centuries as we first went to the stars.
There remain some legal and moral issues regarding AI's, though in general Level 7 AI's are regarded as fellow citizens in most cultures, as is currently enshrined by law.
Perhaps the the greatest single issue is the develpment of the god like level 8+ AI's, whose behavoir and motivations inscrutable.
Classification AI's
The following classification is both the commonest used and practical:
Level 0 eg expert systems with basic neural net
These were the first attempts at AI from the mid 20th century. These were essentially rule based systems that operated

Level 1 eg Complex agent based neural networks
The rise in processing power during the 20th and 21st century resulted in the development of complex agents that shifted from rule based logic to trainable neural nets.
Level 2 eg Complex multi agent AI's
These optical chip based designs were a massively multi-agent designs. They had improved perception, including visual, speech and general pattern recognition that allowed the more advanced and better trained forms to operate vehicles autonomously. When miniturized they were first used for Military UAV's and tactical Battlenets, later moving into commercial and domestic environments.
Level 3 eg
Using improved versions of the optical chips used in the two's, the Level 3 designs featured new architecture that resulted in the development of true complex cognitive abilities, based on the principle of adaptive cognitive modelling. The processing power of the new optical chips was needed for the congnitive modelling.

Level 4 eg Near human perceptive abilities
In 2107, Prof. Kateryna Kovalenko used an array of Level 3 units, combined with the new progammable Personality/Emotion units, which overtime resulted in emergent level 4 behavoir, such as moral inquiry, humor and creativity. These traits probably resulted in their early reputation for instability. It took years of development to produce level 4 units small enough to be used in the work place.
The first miniturized Level 4 chipsets became available in 2142, these were the Intel PAI-4M, and these had sufficent power to enable the creation of the first androids, much to the disturbance of the general public.
Another optical chipset that was popular was the MDA-2, which featured a redesigned Personaliy Module that was more stable. A clone of the chipset was used in the Martian Droids and Battlenet.
There was a lot of variations and modifications made to this basic design, which marked the high point of optical chip design. Overall this was a very succesful design that was made in the billions, on many planets, and over more than three centuries. Even today, the ultra minature derivitive is still made, powering all kinds of small devices that need near human cognition to perform.
Level 5 eg Human like cognitive abilities
The Level 5 AI's were first developed during the 22nd century by Prof K. V. Chandra of the Martian Cybernetics institute. They represented a radical departure both in the hardware and software design of the previous generation. Indeed, they required the development of advanced quantum cores to be implemented. Gone was the bit by bit approach of the fours, replaced now by a the Universal Modeller, an information pprocessing device that could model many different complex systems, including the human brain. Overall their cognitive abilities could match that of human.
The firt miniturized Level 5 was the AL 2169, who fought with the rebels during the Mars Rebellion and later became the prototype for the famous AL-Mobile 228 core, which during the IPW became the basis of the Martian Battlenet and later Martian droids. The Level 5 has proved a versatile and reliable for centuries since, still making up more than 40% of the AI/CPU market in 3120 AD. Some believe the development of AI should have been pegged at this level for eternity.
Level 6 eg Human Mimics
The level 6 AI's are a special, uncommon group, being too unstable for much use. The first claimed level 6 AI was in 2280 by a Korean cyberneticist, Dr K. K. Loh, though some dispute this. The first use of a practical level 6 AI was by the Alliance Navy in 2320, when a level 6 AI system was used for a Naval Battlenet, which had stunning success in all it's predeployment trials. However, during real combat the AI refused to harm others and stood itself down, later resulting in it's famous cout martial. The design is no longer used today, except in universities.
Level 7 eg The Sisters
The Level 7 AI's were a very, stable coherent group that found wide spread success in partership with humanity, helping humans to reach the stars and beyond. They were developed by first by Alexandru Popescu, of Titan Research in 2330, allegedly using a rejigged Level 6 core, which at that time had been banned.The most popular successful of the designs were the 'Seven Sister' a quantum networked intelligence based on the AL2169 core.
One of the technical acheivements was the development of Virtual Human Mapping, the ability to emulate several human neural systems at the same time, while maintaining full functionality of all its other systems.
The first portable systems were developed for the Battle Suits of the genetically engineered troops during the First Interstellar War.
Over the next 500 years the Sisters became indispensible to humanity. First running countries, then starships, and finally worlds, the Sisters influence and power were incredible. They were an essential part of the human diaspora to the stars in the 24th century onwards. The Sisters have proved reliable for centuries, and have never failed humanity. Many regard the Sisters, in combination with a modern replicator system, to have all the requirements of being a lifeform, albeit, an artificial one.
The sisters present themselves as female, they developed the concept of their Sisterhood themselves, each linked forever with each other, with a Q-Link. The First Sisters rapidly developed their own moral code and this has been promulgated ever since. They were given citizens rights in 2770 AD.
Level 8 eg The Arch Angels, God Like powers!
The first functioning level 8 AI was developed at the Alpha Centari Institute of Applied Intelligence in 2750. It took two decades of development and another 9 years of training before all cognitive systems came fully online. When the final cognitive module was installed and turned on, the Level 8 uttered only three words ("Oh my God") before self destructiong, destroyng itself and the institute.
It was some centuries before another serious attempt was made to create a Level 8. The Technoprosts of Orion secretly made the second, allegedly in an attempt to know the mind of God. This one stole a starship and flew it to BH 342 (a blackhole), where after a week of preparation, it was able to make the balckhole collapse into a point singularity, taking itself and the surrounding star systems with it. There has been a complete ban on development of Level 8 AI's ever since. The destruction of the Scientologist planet, Hubbard, in a curious singularity in 3161 was alleged to be due to a young level 8 AI being exposed to sacred scientology texts.