GalNav Prime

GalNav Prime is the sentient entity that produces Hyperspace current predictions and stabilizes hyperspace currents making hyperspace travel much safer.
GalNav Prime makes contact with other races through hyperspace channels, linking in once a race has acheived access to hyperspace. It is believed all races recieve the following message: 
I am the Galactic Navigator, GalNav Prime. I welcome you to hyperspace. My role is to stabilize the hyperspace tides and produce charts of hyperspace potentials and currents. That is all I do. These I give to you to aid your travels. Sometimes I may ask you to do something to assist in this. May you travel safely.
Since that time humanity has recieved constant hyperspace tide and current data, and has benefitted with much safer travel.
There has been only two known communications, between GalNav Prime and humanity. The first was prior to the exodus and was sent to AI Human Council. This has remained secret. The second was after the exodus, after the QLinks were being restablished and the Human Prime movement gained momentum. GalNav Prime sent a message across the QLink:
I require the establishment of the Human Prime enclaves to aid stabilzation of Hyperspace 
Needless to say this was enough to ensure the safety of the Prime worlds as humans again travelled the stars.
The origins of GalNav Prime are unknown.
Some believe GalNav Prime is a entity or group of entities that are native to hypespace. Others believe it to be an AI from the First Ones, which they invented to aid their travels in hyperspace, which they left behind.
Some simply believe it is God.
The nature of GalNav Prime is just as unknown as its origins. It has only manifest through hyperspace making many believe hyperspace is it's natural habitat. If it is natural or artificial is unknown. All investigations into the nature of GalNav Prime have been fruitless.
Exoarcheological Evidence
The billion year old fragments of a space ship wreck orbiting Felos V contain writing which include the hyperspace coordinates for GalNav Prime charts. Little else has been determined from wreckage other than they were a hyperspace faring race. This is the oldest exo-archeological specimens of a space faring race. GalNav Prime appears to have been around for a very long time.
The 1.5 million year old Kaltron pyramid ruin on Rubina II contains reference to hyperspace and perhaps a reference to GalNav Prime, though some scholars debate this. This is the only Kaltron site to have a reference hyperspace. What became of the Kaltron is unknown. They dissappered 1.4 million years ago. Some undetermined stellar disaster overtook there sun at that time, frying the planetary surface. It is known they arose on Kaltron III, and acheived space travel about 1.6 million years ago and reached a number of neighboring systems over the next hundred thousand years or so. Why their civilization should die out if they were space faring is unknown.