Kalron Civilization (extinct)

The so-called Kalron Civilization arose in sector 117 more that 1.6 million years ago, and over he next 200,000 years spread out over at least 250 light years. They dissappered 1.4 million years ago. Some undetermined stellar disaster overtook there sun at that time, frying the planetary surface.
It is known they arose on Kaltron III, and acheived space travel about 1.6 million years ago and reached a number of neighboring systems over the next hundred thousand years or so. Why their civilization should die out if they were space faring is race is unknown.
The 1.5 million year old Kaltron pyramid ruin on Rubina II contains reference to hyperspace and perhaps a reference to GalNav Prime, though some scholars debate this. This is the only Kaltron site to have a reference hyperspace. .