Welcome to the MekArcade, home to the best big mecha action in the Galaxy. MekArcade 0.30 is an exciting open source Mech shooter made as an expansion pack to Red Eclipse. MekArcade features: 

  • Solo pilot, multi pilot and bot missions.
  • play locally, over a LAN or online
  • many different mission types: destruction (deathmatch),   ctf, protect, mad bomber and time trial, with team options
  • unique mecha missions allows you to loadout your mech as you
  • highly configurable, providing an extensive range of variable for mappers and players and admins to control.
  • huge range of mission mutators such as LMS, expert, instagib, nuk'em
  •  smart bots capable of participating within all missions,even online.
  • automatic map package creation and online transfer  transparent to the user.
  • builtin (online and cooperative) editing and scripting capabilities of the amazing Cube Engine 2
  • can run on modest hardware
  • Best of all it's free and open source.

MekArcade is designed to replicate the fast paced online mech action featured in the original MechAssault for the Xbox. Mekarcade.com is the place for the latest news, updates and matches.

MekArcade has been produced by TeamXbow - see teamxbow.org

The project started in Novemeber 2009 and the first release of was the 'demonstrator' (0.30) in June 2011.

You need to install Red Eclipse first. It is a Free and OS game, based on the Cube 2 engine. You can download it for Windows, Linux, BSD and the Mac from  redeclipse.net.