FLOOD STOP immediately cuts off water flow at the tap, in case of a hose bursting, safeguarding your home from flooding. Less mess, inconvenience and
Flood stop valves are designed for front loading washing machines and dishwashers and are suitable for hot and cold water.

In the event of a broken pipe or hose the flood stop valve will close off preventing water damage. The flow rate must be above 17 litres per minute for the flood stop valve to work properly.

Flood check valves are designed for multi story - apartments and office's.
These valves can be set to deliver a certain litreage of water over a set time period and which ever occurs first will result in the flood check valve closing off preventing flood damage.

The valve has an easy preset button which will operate the valve again without any resetting of the time or litreage. The unit requires power by way of a standard GPO and can be turned off at the power point.